Most of the work displayed is for sale. For more detailed information about a specific art work, please send an email to:

To just work for simply a pretty image isn't cut out for me. I'd rather work on the story that surrounds the object so the inspiration will flow to design the total image. For my work I am using an old realism technique with a twist of modern ideas and interpretations. They represent the modern symbolism with a touch of expressionism.

Naturally, I also take on specific assignments for customers. Details will be discussed carefully. However, as an artist you want to accomplish an art piece with your 'trademark'. My own artistic interpretation will be blended in the art piece.

Pricing depends per work and assignment. One needs to take into account the time which is needed to create the piece and the use of material. For this reason I can't make use of fixed pricing. Please don't hesitate to contact me for a quotation.


The Netherlands
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