Born in the 20th century Christo is blessed with the knowledge which was provided throughout the centuries. Making a part of the art world however is not something that goes naturally since art is another scientific discipline which needs to be developed and not only on its technical prospect but also its philosophy, expression and especially its originality.

Though his interest in art rose when he was just a little kid he never touched art equipment till he reached the age of 27. When facing some technical difficulties he applied for The Royal Academy of Art in the Hague back in 1997 and got accepted. After having graduated from the academy his work has been published on several magazines and exhibitions till 2006 when he decided to leave the art world to pursuit his other dream which is traveling the world.

Just recently his artistic nature gave him the urge of coming back to what he was born for and started developing a new skill which is drawing using coloured pencils. Though he will never stop painting as it is his greatest love drawing is now becoming his expertise as well.